Hopefully you’ve caught our first couple of Virginia Tech previews as we looked at 4 things to know about the Hokies and 3 reasons why this is the highest profile game the Flames have ever played. We’re still a little over a week until kickoff, so we’ll have plenty more coverage of the game, including today’s topic as we look at 2 keys for the Flames to beat VT. Keep in mind LU is nearly a 30 point underdog in this game.

1. Win the turnover battle.

Oh great, there I go again sounding like a coach. It’s such a cliché statement, but it’s never truer than when Liberty faces a Power 5 school. Lose the turnover battle, lose the game. Win the turnover battle, and the Flames have a fighter’s chance.

2. Capitalize on Tech’s miscues.

This ties in with #1. When the Hokies make mistakes (they will), Liberty must capitalize on those mistakes. Virginia Tech will have a new starting quarterback in a new offense under a new head coach in the first game of the season. Mistakes will happen. The Flames must capitalize on them.