On Tuesday, Liberty quarterback Malik Willis, wide receiver Demario Douglas, and running back Peytton Pickett took questions from the media. There was a wide range questions and below is ASOR’s report from the player interviews…


In this past week’s game against Louisiana-Monroe, Malik Willis struggled with consistency in his first game back after missing the Flames’ third game of the season against Florida International. Willis says he’s looking to make improvement during practice.

“I’ve got be more consistent,” he said. “I have to work harder during the week to prepare. Take it more seriously in practice, so I can execute in the game.”

He says he’s glad he had a down game as long as the team won and is looking to build off that adversity.

“I needed that,” Willis said of the disappointing performance Saturday. “It helps give you that adversity to build and grow as a player. You don’t want to go out there and be great every single time. You’ve got to have a down day to build off of. If you don’t have a down day, you’re not getting better, you’re just staying the same.”

Malik is also adjusting to playing with his left arm in a brace after suffering the elbow injury against FIU.

“I took a few hits and then I started to feel better,” he said of playing in the brace. “I think Saturday helped me with that. I practiced with it for a few days, now I feel like it’s growing more comfortable.”


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Liberty football has done its best to create a bubble like atmosphere within the team to keep them all safe and healthy. In addition to keeping positive COVID tests at bay so far, the Flames are also a much closer team.

“Being in the bubble made us closer,” Demario Douglas said. “We can’t hang out with people outside the bubble. This bubble actually made us closer. We’re hanging out with each other. We’re staying with each other. It’s building a bond with each other. I feel like that’s what’s making us play together and it goes along with what we say, tougher together.”


It’s not usual for college teams to play inside a dome as the Flames will be this weekend against Syracuse in the Carrier Dome.

Douglas is excited for the opportunity. “Playing in a dome, you think NFL. Now it’s time to get the NFL mentality. That’s where I want to go. I want to have that mentality and try to ball out.”

Malik Willis has been able to play in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta in his state championship game during his senior season of high school. He was also part of an Auburn team that played Washington in the new Georgia Dome as part of the 2018 Chik-fil-A kickoff game.

His advice to his teammates about playing in a dome – “It won’t be cold.”


Liberty wide receiver DJ Stubbs is leading the team with 17 receptions for 246 yards and 2 touchdowns. Douglas says the Flames need to continue to focus on getting the ball to the explosive slot receiver.

“DJ Stubbs, he makes plays as he catches the ball,” Douglas said. “He gets almost 15 yards every play. He’s a big key in our offense. DJ Stubbs is like one of the main players on our offense.”


The Flames are currently ranked 7th nationally with 250.8 rushing yards per game through the first four games this season, but last year against the Orange Liberty struggled. The Flames finished that game with -4 rushing yards.

“Coming out of a game with -4 rushing yards, that’s terrible,” said Peytton Pickett. “No matter where you play, you can play Division I, NAIA, that’s terrible. It’s definitely a point of emphasis, at least for us in our room, so that we can run the ball.”