Well, for Liberty Athletics it is clearly James Madison University. Coming off baseball’s 21-4 loss Wednesday evening, it got us thinking just how bad JMU owns us. Not just in 1 or 2 sports, but across the board. So, we did a little research, and to be honest it is a lot worse than originally anticipated.

Here’s Liberty’s records against JMU in various sports:

  • Football: 5-12, last win came in 1992. JMU has won the past 6 meetings.
  • Men’s Basketball: 2-7, last win came in 2000. JMU won 88-65 in Seth Curry’s final game in a Liberty uniform.
  • Baseball: 5-11 since 2006, combined score is 129-91.

Ok, that’s fine, but clearly Liberty’s most dominating sport has done better against the Dukes:

  • Women’s basketball: 2-7, thanks to wins in 2007 and 2012.

Well, that’s not very good, but I’m sure it does not extend to all other sports…

  • Men’s soccer: 0-1 since 2000.
  • Men’s tennis: 0-6 since 2005.
  • Women’s soccer: 0-3 since 2000.

There are only 3 sports where Liberty has even done “fair” against JMU:

  • Women’s tennis: 3-2 since 2006
  • Volleyball: 3-4 since 2005
  • Softball: 9-10 since 2000