QB Josh Woodrum

Yesterday’s practice marked the halfway point of practices leading up to the Spring Game. We have covered most of the first team usuals in practice and you might have noticed a few missing names.

Here are the players that have been participating in drills, but not live action: OL Hunter Steward, OL Malcolm Boyd, DB Chris Mayo, and FB Nicky Fualaau. All of these guys should be contributors to some degree, so it will be interesting to see where they are in the fall. The good news is that they are all looking healthy, and are just being restricted as a precaution.

On the subject of injuries, Ryan McCarter injured his knee yesterday during practice. McCarter is a redshirt freshman wideout who has a chance to challenge for time with a young group of receivers. He is a playmaker with good height but is very thin.

A couple practice notes:

  • Josh Woodrum continues to impress, hitting a target 3 of 4 targets in a throwing on the run drill. Benedetto and Shashaty combined for 2 of 8.
  • D.J. Abnar and Desmond Rice both had reps with the 1st team. Since the RB position is one of the most commonly substituted, this is a very important battle.