We are less than 12 hours away from the official tip-off of the Flames post-season. The Flames are set to face Lipscomb on Thursday at 7 pm on ESPN+. There are still a few question marks floating around for the Flames, like how the defense will look, if scoring will fall on Darius, and other murmurings. Here are the three things I am most excited to find out starting Thursday night.

1. Post-season Darius.

Everyone remembers the legend that was Stephen Curry in the 2008 NCAA tournament. The legend of Steph was already building, but he really manifested when the brightest lights came on. This post-season we get to find out if Darius will have his national-exposure moment. I truly believe that Darius has all the potential to set the whole nation on notice of his incredible talent.

2. The fast pace.

At this point, the Flames have put up some exceptionally high numbers offensively and allowed higher scores in recent contests, specifically allowing 82 points against Stetson and 93 against Kennesaw (this game being an overtime win allowed for higher numbers, although the Owls had 77 points at the end of regulation). All things considered, the Flames are exceptional on offense this year, which allows them more freedom to play within the game’s natural pace. This will make it unique for the Flames, and a very fun viewing for the fans.

3. A balanced conference.

The ASUN is no joke this year. Coach McKay was recently interviewed and stated this is the best conference Liberty has ever played in. The Flames are facing four or five legitimate threats to their throne. Each game the Flames could potentially play will be loaded with tension and anticipation. There are no easy wins this year. Like point two, this will be unique and fun (probably “nerve-racking” is a better term) for the fans!

Every game has to be earned. I expect the Flames to carry themselves as champions do and to show us that they have been there before.