With a bunch of offensive lineman already not participating due to injury, the skill positions have gotten pretty thin as well due to a wide variety of reasons. Nicky Fualaau, Ryan McCarter, Jaquan Glover, and now Aldreakis Allen are not participating in spring practice. The suspension of Aldreakis Allen has given a serious blow to an already thinned offense. Here is a look at how this affected spring practice, along with some other highlights of the Flames sixth practice:

  • Austin Kaigler was worked into the rotation of running backs much more than his usual role.
  • We could see some different athletes working at running back in future practices because of the huge need for depth at the position. There were six different guys who worked at receiving handoffs today. 
  • Former Longwood baseball pitcher Michael Johnson has practiced with the 1st team some at fullback, but the Flames have not worked much on sets with a fullback. Nicky Fualaau should be the fullback come fall.
  • Former LCA standout Desmond Rice had a very nice practice. He looked comfortable in his new role with the 1st team.