We were able to sit down and talk with Nate Hampton about his future at Liberty. Hampton is Liberty’s highest-rated quarterback commit out of high school in the program’s history.

What attracted you most to Liberty?

Nate Hampton: “I think the coaches. That’s what started me off to get me to go visit the school. The relationships I was able to build with them the way they kind of treated me and the love they showed to me. That was the thing that really started my love for Liberty. Then getting there and seeing what the campus looked like, the type of people that were there and that they build champions for Christ.”

What are your thoughts of this year’s Liberty team?

NH: “This year’s Liberty team is incredible. I think it’s still a slept-on team, because they only have one loss to NC State and that was by one point. That was the game we had three or four turnovers and a safety, and we still only lost by one point as that was our only loss of the season. Saying that and winning every other game is incredible. The offense has some spots that has some extremely young players in the skill positions. I think they are building something really special over there on the mountain.”

What do you want to accomplish while at Liberty?

NH: “My biggest thing, I want to have an undefeated season and go to the college playoffs.”

As you sign your official letter of intent, where does this rank of special moments in your life?

NH: “It’s definitely up there. I think finally making it official. I think it’s going to be one of the highlights of my life and I think me and the other recruits and the coaching staff are gonna have a lot of fun and make a lot of memories there.”

What was the main factor for you in recruitment?

NH: “My biggest thing was finding somewhere that I can fit as a person and as a player. I think a lot of schools may have fit some aspects of my life, but not all of them and just having Liberty, I think they’re really gonna fit me all around. When it comes to football, when it comes to my religion, and when it comes to the people around there and just everything that I want to accomplish in life and it just fits me in every aspect. I couldn’t be happier.”

Will you be enrolling early?

“I will be enrolling early.”