Liberty Athletic Director Jeff Barber was interviewed during halftime of Thursday night’s men’s basketball game against Morgan State. Some notes & quotes from Barber’s interview:

  • Barber stated numerous times “we’re doing all we can do.”
  • Barber said he “spoke with 2 different Athletic Directors in 2 different states” Thursday morning regarding what they’re hearing about realignment.
  • When asked what the last 48 hours has been like for him and the athletic department, Barber stated “we have ramped up conversations with other conferences.”
  • Barber – “everyone knows our intentions.”
  • Barber stated conferences are extremely quiet on what their plans are, and the best way to get a gauge on what is going on is by speaking with other Athletic Directors.
  • Barber stated he believes there will eventually be 4 conferences made up of 16 schools. He stated Liberty will be part of that next group under these “super-conferences.”
  • Barber also stated that he and the athletic department are doing everything they can do to “bring the department to other people.”

In summary, really nothing earth-shattering, but it’s always good to hear from the man in charge of leading Liberty to FBS. It does sound like Barber doesn’t really know anymore than we know at this point. Hopefully that’s not a bad thing.