FBS Ready

The biggest story of the year in Liberty athletics is without a doubt the announcement that the Flames will seek membership in a Football Bowl Subdivision conference.  Following several years of expansion, and a study by Carr Sports Consulting, Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. announced that Liberty is FBS ready back in May of this year.  Bill Carr, a former University of Florida AD, conducted the study and had this to say.  “Liberty has made giant strides in every phase of their athletics program and especially in football. They are the best prepared for FBS advancement of all universities for whom we have conducted similar studies over the past 21 years. We believe that their exemplary level of funding for athletics, the strength of their football coaching staff and the exceptional quality of their support facilities demonstrate the university’s unquestioned commitment to excellence. Liberty is definitely on the move!”

Will Coach Gill be leading Liberty to a new conference in 2013?

 While Liberty waits on an invitation to an FBS level conference, the campus and facilities continue to grow to reflect such a step up.  Conference realignment shakeups have been taking place for much of the past two years, and it seems that Liberty is only one or two moves away from achieving the goal of FBS membership. 

Of course, we here at Flames Nation will continue to be on top of the realignment story in 2013 and beyond, as a main priority of our site.  We look forward to bringing you the news first during this New Year!

Thanks for making our first few months better than we could have ever predicted.  We are all Flames Nation.  See ya in 2013.

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