Offense: A-

I can’t put much of the blame on the offense. Whenever you put up 45 points in 4 quarters, you have done your job and given the defense a great chance to win. They did falter at the end of the second overtime, forcing special teams to attempt to tie the game when a touchdown would have resulted in a win, but the key there is the fact that they did put the team in position to keep playing. LU1

Defense: F

The Flames have prided themselves on their defense all year. A glance at the score tells you only part of the story of how terribly they played. Going into the 4th quarter, Liberty had a 12-point lead. Coastal then put up 29 second half points, tying the game with a two point conversion with under a minute left in regulation. Then, of course, overtime turned into a shootout. This is the second game in a row that the defense has given up the game in the fourth quarter. It’s becoming a trend.

Special Teams: F

Once again, special teams was abysmal, proving to be the difference in this one. It seems like John Lunsford has almost as many blocked field goals attempts as ones he’s made this year, the most costly coming on the last play of this game. Also, in regulation, they botched a play that would have resulted in a Coastal turnover, had they not been whistled for a false start.

Overall: C

Liberty has now dropped below .500. They show promise against good teams, but then can’t put them away. This was a great game, entertainment-wise, but it was an ugly defensive and special teams performance. Missed tackles and careless penalties add up to a loss, and that’s all that matters at the end of the day.