This week Liberty’s entire season will all come down to one final game, the same goes for our Bold Predictions Challenge. We won’t be enlightening you with a leaderboard this week, that way you don’t strategize your picks around what the other competitors are picking, but I’ll give you a hint: IT’S REALLY CLOSE. (also, Michael Cline, no worries. Your scores have been corrected.)

If you don’t know the drill by now, you probably aren’t in contention to win our prizes, but that’s ok. In the comments just submit the numbers of the Bold Predictions you think will happen, and you’ll receive 8 points if said prediction comes true, or -3 if it doesn’t. Since the Flames have the most at stake in this final week, we decided to put more Bold Prediction points at stake than we have all year. Good Luck!

1. Attendance is more than 11,000.

Why this is bold: Currently, the Coastal record attendance is 10,195. It’ll take 900 more people than the record to reach 11,000.

Why it will happen: That record was set at homecoming against Charleston Southern this year. Since then, the Chanticleers have moved to number 1 in the FCS coaches poll, and with so much on the line, Liberty is sure to travel well.


2. No one from Coastal or Liberty is named to the Big South Players of the Week.

Why this is bold: All eyes will be on the Liberty/Coastal game. These two teams are on a different level than the rest of the Big South (yes, even Charleston Southern when you look at the body of work), and the players who step up on the big stage will be rewarded for it.

Why it will happen: There are plenty of other candidates in the Big South that could take these awards for a week.


3. Quinn Backus gets the most tackles.

Why this is bold: There are plenty of other guys who like to swarm to the ball. Jacob Hagen, for instance, has more solo tackles than Backus.

Why it will happen: The reigning Big South Defensive Player of the Year dominates the Big South in tackles year after year. He’s currently the leading tackler again this year.


4. Williams Stadium will be the host to its first FCS playoff game.

Why this is bold: A lot of things have to fall into place for the scenario to come true.

Why it will happen: If Liberty is able to secure a playoff berth, Williams Stadium would definitely have what it takes to host a playoff game.


5. Neither team scores a touchdown on their first drive.

Why this is bold: This matchup consists of not only two of the best offenses in the Big South, but two of the best offensive units in the nation.

Why it will happen: There’s not any particular reason it won’t happen, just plenty of other possibilities.


6. D.J. Abnar leads all players in rushing.

abnarWhy this is bold: Sophomore phenom De’Angelo Henderson will be Abnar’s biggest threat. He is averaging almost 2 more yards per rush and 15 more yards per game than Abnar.

Why it will happen: The Flames have successful when Abnar has a large role in the offense, I’m sure he’ll get plenty of touches. The question will be in what he does with those touches.


7. Flames don’t allow a sack.

Why this is bold: For obvious reasons, it will be very tough to go an entire game without a mistake by the O-line.

Why it will happen: One area Coastal has been struggled with is their pass rush. Also I’m sure there will be extra emphasis to keep Woodrum protected this week.


8. Darrin Peterson “mosses” somebody.

petey1Why this is bold: This could be controversial, since it isn’t an official stat, but basically if a defender is in good position and Peterson beats him in the air, that would be what counts.

Why it will happen: Peterson’s in air ability has improved drastically this year. Many have fallen victim to his ridiculously acrobatic catches, and hopefully a Beach Chicken will be the subject of Peterson’s highlight reel this week.

Bonus 1 (8 points): Who will get the most fantasy points this week? (ESPN Standard Scoring)

A) Mike Tolbert and Lorenzo Taliaferro combined

B) Rashad Jennings


Bonus 2 (8 points): Who will win?

Obviously the number 1 team at home is the favorite, but the Flames have much more at stake.


Bonus 3 (8 points): Which QB will have the better passer rating?

woodrum2Woodrum and Ross have very similar stats. Woodrum has a higher efficiency rating and one more touchdown, but Ross has one less pick and averages 6 more yards per game.


Bonus 4 (5 points): Tweet us a picture of you at the game!

Liberty will need as much support as possible. Make sure to include your FlamesNation username that you use in the comments as well as our twitter handle- @Flames_Nation.


Make sure to submit your picks by 11:59 A.M. Saturday morning. (The game picture can be late)