Former ESPN executive Dave Brown has become known as the “College Football Matchmaker” through his software called Gridiron. Liberty is one of many FBS programs who subscribe to this service to help fill out their football schedule.

“I have worked closely with Dave Brown for more than 20 years dating back to his tenure at ESPN when he was responsible for scheduling football and basketball broadcasts,” Liberty Athletic Director Ian McCaw said. “He started Gridiron a few years ago after leaving ESPN, and I was among the first athletics directors to subscribe to his scheduling service.”

The list of schools and conference offices Brown works with seems endless, and Liberty is no exception. “Liberty has worked with Dave since his first year starting Gridiron with Mickey Guridy as our point person, and we subscribe to the service on an annual basis,” McCaw stated.

This relationship is proving vital for McCaw and Liberty’s athletic department as it has been working tirelessly on the 2018, 2019, and beyond football schedules since the school announced its pending move to the FBS.

“Obviously, it is especially important to FBS independent schools given the need to schedule 12 games per year,” McCaw explained. “Dave has a unique ability to understand the complexities of the college football scheduling process and, coupled with his relationships throughout the industry, he is able to serve as the college football matchmaker.”