After two weeks and 64 games in Indianapolis, we have finally reached the Final Four. We saw the most Cinderella-laden Sweet 16 in NCAA Tournament history, and this past week began to restore order in college basketball until UCLA, yes the program with the most national championships, crashed the party. The 11-seed Bruins become the second team to ever go from the First Four to the Final Four, joining VCU.

Alongside UCLA, 1-seed Gonzaga, 1-seed Baylor, and 2-seed Houston have also reached the Final Four, which will be played this Saturday evening with the National Championship game taking place Monday night.

Not a single bracket correctly picked all four teams in the Final Four in the ASOR Tournament Bracket Challenge. Several of you correctly picked three of the four teams, and a number of you would have had all four teams had Michigan defeated UCLA.

CREON53 is currently leading the way in our Bracket Challenge while currently picking Gonzaga, Baylor, and Houston to the Final Four. CREON53 has picked Gonzaga to beat Houston in the National Championship. If that scenario plays out, then there’s your winner.

Tied for 2nd place is it’s a gut feeling and GoffHog who both have Baylor over Gonzaga for the championship. LUaddict is just behind them and has Gonzaga over Baylor in the championship game. Nathan09LU is in 5th place and has Houston beating Gonzaga for the title. So, there’s still several brackets in play.

Check back after Monday’s National Championship and see who takes home the bragging rights!