Thank you for making ASOR your number one source for independent coverage of Liberty Athletics. It has been such a thrill covering the teams for over 6 years now!

We are headed into a new era of Liberty Athletics, Men’s basketball has exploded onto the scene in the ASUN, and Football is making waves all over the country with Hugh Freeze, FBS, and stadium upgrades.

With basketball and football demanding so much coverage and attention, we have developed something exciting for all of you die-hard Liberty fans. We have created a new twitter handle (@ASORBlue) dedicated to the remaining LU athletic teams. There’s also a new tab on the website where all of this coverage can be easily accessed.

ASOR Blue will be providing you with a ton of new content dedicated to those sports – score updates, standings, player and coach features, recruiting, and much more. The original @ASeaofRed twitter will continue the coverage you’ve come to know and appreciate. We have a couple people that are going to assist with the content management, as this is a huge undertaking (if you’re interested in joining our team email us).

We will start with the spring ’19 athletic season and gauge fan interest after that point. We are really looking forward to engaging fans to all of Liberty Athletics. We hope you will follow along.