Coach Gill's squad will have to find consistency to make a run to the 2015 playoffs.

Coach Gill and Josh Woodrum met with various members of the media today speaking about the team’s loss to Charleston Southern and pending game against #4 Coastal Carolina on Thursday. Here are a few notables from the press conference:

  1. It’s senior day on Thursday, and this was a main theme throughout the press availability. Coach Gill noted some of the work this class has done in the classroom, including 5 that have already graduated. He also listed several of their accomplishments on the field including 3 wins against top 10 opponents, 2 FBS wins, making the playoffs, and winning a game in the playoffs. Gill said this senior class “will go down in history as far as being a part of some historical things that have helped to bring Liberty’s football program with some national prominence as far as what has been accomplished.” When speaking on their achievements, Woodrum said “no one can take that from the senior class.”
  2. Both Gill and Woodrum expressed enthusiasm about being able to play against a big rival, Coastal Carolina, on Thursday night on national television. Gill said it’s a “great opportunity to show what FCS fans are all about.” Woodrum said, “it’s going to be fun.”
  3. Coach Gill said Coastal Carolina running back De’Angelo Henderson is the “best running back we will face this year.”
  4. Gill noted each of the teams that have kept the game within 7 points of Coastal this season the common denominator has been they have been able to rush for 150 yards or more. He said if Liberty has more than 150 rushing yards, it will give the Flames a great chance to be competitive and win the game.
  5. The Flames are 4-0 this season in home games and they want to move that mark to 5-0.
  6. Woodrum stated the team hasn’t executed as well as needed to win more games, and that the team will have to execute at a very high rate to win on Thursday.