As Liberty gears up for its season opener at Western Kentucky, Freeze still feels a little anxiousness about the game being played. Those fears were brought to the forefront again Thursday morning as the North Carolina – Charlotte game has been postponed due to COVID-19 positive tests among the 49ers.

“It seems like every time I come in off the field our operations people will give me more news like that,” said Freeze. “I kind of have just conditioned my mind that that’s probably going to happen to all of us at some point this season. It’s kind of the world that we’re in. I would be less than truthful if I didn’t say you get a little anxious. Until we kick it off Saturday, I probably will be a little anxious.”

Below are the 5 most interesting comments from Freeze from his Thursday press conference …

“On a game one, I think you’re always restless as a coach, thinking, ‘Have I covered everything enough?’ I know we’ve covered every single thing that we could think about that occurs in football, but have you covered it enough? I don’t know if you ever feel totally at peace that you’ve done that enough. We’ve certainly hit everything some and hopefully it is retained.”


“Been very blessed. I expect the tests from this morning to come back tonight around, usually my phone starts dinging at 11 o’clock on the day we take the tests. So, that’s what I expect today. Hopefully we will get the same type of results that we’ve gotten the last few times.”


“He had a really good day today, I thought. Got a few things I’d like to see him do a little differently on his reads, but we will show him that on film tomorrow and tomorrow night at the hotel. He’s improved the last few weeks. You just hope that that carries over into the game. I think, as you got into settling down and trying to get a game plan in place where you’re not just scripting a bunch of plays against defenses where you have no clue what they’re doing, we at least have a clue what our opponents do from time to time unless they change drastically on us. I think he feels comfortable. We will see how that translates on Saturday.”


“Chris is the backup going into Saturday, and I think he has made the most of his reps with the twos this week. He’s actually improved also. I think the two minute drills that we had this week, he excelled above others. I have great confidence if he goes in the game that he could give us a spark.”

“JB has done nothing wrong. I think he could give us a spark, also. He will definitely travel and Will Bowers will travel also. We will travel four.”


“Kendy Charles, Aakil (Washington), (Jerome) Jolly, (Quinton) Reese, (Steve) Sings, trying to make sure I’m not forgetting any, (Deon) Biggins, CJ Daniels. I think I’ve covered it. I could be wrong and missing a couple but all those are going to play.”