The game we’ve all been looking forward to is here. Today’s game basically becomes a playoff game: win and they Flames clinch the Big South autobid. Lose, and they might not make the playoffs. Here’s what Liberty needs to do to win:

1 – Feed Off The Home Crowd

The Flames have been a very good team at home under Coach Gill. They’ll need to continue that trend today to pick up the win. We know the fans will be rocking Williams Stadium. The Flames need to use that to their every advantage. Similar to last year’s Coastal game, Liberty will come into the game as underdogs, but they can use the energy from the crowd to help them pull off the upset.

2 – Stop the CSU Running Game

The Buccaneers run game is the strength of their offense. They average 268 rushing yards per game, as opposed to 154 passing yards a game. In their loss to Gardner-Webb last week, they were held to only 168 rushing yards, and that led to them scoring only 10 points. If Liberty is able to limit the run game, they have a strong chance to win.

3 – Win The Turnover Battle

It’s been a common theme this year, but turnovers are so key for this team. When they’re able to win the turnover battle, it goes a long way to winning the game. Against a strong team like CSU, they need every advantage they can get. Winning the turnover battle is big first step they can take.