We were able to take part in the CAA Media Conference Call earlier today with Richmond Head Coach Danny Rocco.  Obviously, with Rocco little more than one season removed from his tenure at Liberty, we had some questions regarding his new job, as well as how he views his time with the Flames.  Despite being misidentified as “Duke from Liberty Information”, we think the call went well, and hope you enjoy listening.

Photo courtesy of NBC12.com

Photo courtesy of NBC12.com

A couple of quotes that stuck out…

While comparing his time at Liberty to his experience at Richmond, Rocco said “Our admissions process is significantly different…I feel like this league (the CAA) is a deeper, more talented conference.”

When asked if he felt he is able to recruit a higher caliber athlete at Richmond, he said “If you want to reference my arrival at Liberty in 06, and where I’m at here it is extremely different in terms of the depth and pull of quality people and student athletes that we are competing to get…”  Rocco also pointed out that he believes Liberty will be able to recruit an extremely high quality athlete going forward, as the program and school grow.

Below is the full audio of Rocco.