When I found out that Liberty was going bowling I immediately wanted to go. Then I found out it is in Orlando, Florida – the number 1 spot to vacation in the U.S.

The average temperature in Orlando in December is 73 degrees. Sign me up and take my money. I am going.

The total cost to go is $501 not including transportation. If you want to Uber to and from the Airport as well as the game, allow roughly $125. Bringing the total to $626

  • 1 game ticket is $15 through Stubhub
  • Plane ticket roundtrip from Lynchburg to Orlando right now is $406 on Travelocity
  • Room for Friday night and Saturday night is right around $40 if you do AirBnB
  • Uber Rides $125

Let’s be real it is not a big cost for something that can be priceless.

If you are going let us know by telling us on the forums.