Ryan Kemrite

The Flames have signed guards Ryan Kemrite and Joe Retic II, so where do they fit into the 2013-14 Liberty University basketball team?

Liberty already has a plethora of guards including returning starters Davon Marshall and John Caleb Sanders, so it’s safe to assume neither Kemrite or Retic will see much action in ’13-14, right? Doubtful.

Retic, a pass-first point guard, fills a need. Both Marshall and Sanders first instinct is to look for their shot, and would be better playing off the ball. The problem is both Davon and JC are shorter than 6 feet tall. It would be difficult to play a third guard that small. Well, Retic is a chiseled 6’3″ veteran. Furthermore, it is rare for JUCO transfers to come in and not play immediately. Joe could develop into the first guard off the bench alongside both Davon and JC or with just one of them when the Flames go big. Not to mention Retic had offers from the Pac-12, the MAC, the Horizon, and the Summit, all conferences which are better than the Big South routinely.

Kemrite is a bit of a tougher read. Neither ESPN or Rivals credit him with any other offers, and there is not a lot of information available on him. He seems to fit into the Casey Roberts/Chad Donley mold of a shooter first. One source who has seen Ryan play in person said he thinks he will be on the Big South all-freshman team. But can he play replace Speaks by playing the 3? That’s our only other hole on the team and the biggest question mark going into the 2013-14 season. A lot depends on what Layer decides: to play with 3 guards or to go big by putting either Andrew Smith or Tomasz Gielo at the 3.