Liberty signed 19 student-athletes for the 2021 cycle, with the Flames possibly adding a couple others before the start of the 2021 football season.

As part of the 2021 class, head coach Hugh Freeze and his staff signed prospects from 12 different states. Liberty signed three each from Georgia and Texas. The Flames had two additions each from North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland. California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Louisiana, Arizona, and Kansas were also represented in Liberty’s 2021 class.

The Flames have signed 61 recruits since Freeze took over in December 2016 (including transfers). The most common state for the Flames has been Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia with more than 42% of the signees coming from those states – 10 from Georgia and eight each from North Carolina and Virginia.

Florida is the next most common state for the Flames with five signees over the past three cycles, but Liberty did not have any from the Sunshine State in this class.

In addition to the three most popular states, Liberty has received at least one signee in each of the previous classes from California with a total of four, all of them being transfers. Freeze’s home state, Mississippi, is the only other state Liberty has reached into each of the previous three classes, with exactly one signee each class.

Other states Liberty has tapped into include Texas (4), Maryland (4), Pennsylvania (2), South Carolina (2), Alabama (2), Illinois (2), Minnesota (1), Utah (1), Kansas (1), Ohio (1), Louisiana (1), Arizona (1), and Tennessee (1).