Liberty became the 4th team to officially punch its ticket to the NCAA Tournament, knocking off 1-seed and host Lipscomb in Nashville on Sunday in front of a sellout crowd of 5,687. Now, we all wait for Selection Sunday this weekend to see where the Flames will play.

The hosts for this year’s fist and second rounds are Hartford, Connecticut, Salk Lake City, Utah, Des Moines, Iowa, Jacksonville, Florida, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Columbus, Ohio, Columbia, South Carolina, and San Jose, California. Hartford, Salt Lake City, Des Moines, and Jacksonville will play games on Thursday and Saturday, while Tulsa, Columbus, Columbia, and San Jose will play games on Friday and Sunday.

Most conference tournaments are still to be played this week so there will be plenty of moving parts, but the bracketologists are busy updating their projections daily. ESPN’s Joe Lunardi currently has Liberty as a 13-seed facing 4-seed Florida State in Hartford. CBS’ Jerry Palm has the same matchup but taking place in Jacksonville. Other sites project seeds, with BracketMatrix¬†currently showing the Flames as a 12-seed and TourneyCast gives Liberty a 0.7% chance at an 11-seed, 84.3% chance at a 12-seed, and a 15% chance at a 13-seed.

Distance from LU to Host Sites

292 miles – Columbia, SC
390 miles – Columbus, OH
523 miles – Hartford, CT
566 miles – Jacksonville, FL
1,011 miles – Des Moines, IA
1,097 miles – Tulsa, OK
2,050 miles – Salt Lake City, UT
2,745 miles – San Jose, CA
Wherever the team ends up, they will not be satisfied with being in the Big Dance, they’re going to win.

“We’ve had the mentality all year where we’re confident every time we step on the court, regardless of who we’re playing,” senior guard Lovell Cabbil said. “You will see a team in us that we’re not just happy to be there in the NCAA Tournament, we’re going to win a game.”