In December, we debuted a new series entitled, “The Search”, which will give you an inside look at the battle for the starting quarterback position this fall.

The Flames opened spring practice recently with Stephon Masha listed as the starter. It’s no surprise as Masha is the only quarterback on the spring roster with any playing experience. He is being challenged during the spring by true freshman Rudiger Yearick and junior Bo Swanson before Stephen Calvert joins the fray this summer.

Offensive coordinator and quarterback coach Joe Dailey explained the situation of grooming a new starting QB: “initially, when you’re taking over and trying to become a new starter, it’s like taking over a new paper route as a mailman. You have to get familiar with the lay of the land. So, these guys have to get familiar with the runs, the passes, and everything else that we’ve got installed. Then, they have to continually execute in each one of those areas.”

Don’t expect an opening day starter to be named by the end of spring practice. Sure, someone will be listed as #1 on the depth chart, likely Masha, but this is a situation which will continue to be evaluated throughout the spring and into fall camp.

“We’re going to develop with each and every practice and keep on evaluating,” Gill explained. “Every snap (this spring) is an important snap because it is valuable experience.”

Through the first couple weeks of spring practice, the quarterback play can best be described as inconsistent. The goal for the group by the end of the spring is “to be assignment sharp and execute basic plays,” Coach Dailey explained. “As long as our guys can get down the routines they need to get down for this position, it’s going to be pretty easy to be quarterback at Liberty University.”