With Liberty’s win Thursday night against North Florida, the Flames remained in control of its own destiny with regards to the regular season ASUN title and #1 seed in the ASUN Tournament which is particularly important as the 1-seed will play at home throughout the tourney.

Here’s a current look at the top of the ASUN standings before the weekend’s action:

There are three teams still in play for first place – Liberty, North Florida, and Stetson. We’ve previously discussed the ASUN’s new tiebreaker procedures this season, but it bears repeating – after the head-to-head tiebreaker, if the teams are still tied, the highest rated team in the NET wins the tiebreaker. This should finish in Liberty’s favor as the current NET rankings having Liberty at 57, North Florida 164, and Stetson at 295.

Let’s take a deeper look at Liberty’s path to the 1-seed in the ASUN Tournament.


Remaining schedule: 2/22 vs Stetson, 2/27 @ Kennesaw State, 2/29 @ Lipscomb

Liberty can clinch the 1-seed with:

  • Winning at least 2 of the team’s final 3 games.
  • Beating Stetson AND one North Florida loss.
  • Winning one of the team’s final three games (not including Stetson) AND one North Florida loss AND one Stetson loss.
  • If Liberty were to lose all three remaining games, the Flames would need North Florida to lose both of its remaining games AND Stetson to lose at least 2 out of its final 3 games.

The Flames would win any head-to-head tiebreaker with North Florida as long as its NET ranking is higher. Liberty needs to defeat Stetson to win a head-to-head tiebreaker with the Hatters.