When we first started “The Heat” a couple  years ago, we stated, “whether you always agree or not, we hope The Heat drives you to become an even more passionate member of Flames Nation.” That’s the whole point for everything we do with this website.

Art Williams, the man whose name is on our football stadium, said, “If  you want to win, get ready, you’re going to be controversial. The only way not to be controversial is to be average and ordinary. Call me anything but average and ordinary.”

Our intent is not to be controversial or ruffle any feathers. Our intent, for everything we do here at Flames Nation, is to strengthen your passion for Liberty University Athletics and for Liberty University Athletics to be the best it can possibly be.

With that said, I can’t sit back and not talk about the elephant in the room any longer. That elephant has a name. It’s name is Dale Layer. layer

If you follow us on twitter, you’ve probably been able to read between the lines about our thoughts on the basketball program. I also shared my opinion on the matter at the end of last season in a Heat post. That opinion hasn’t changed. I’ve done my best to not explicitly state that opinion during the season this year out of respect for the players.

Our basketball program has reached rock bottom.

But all the injuries!

Stop. This season does not operate in a vacuum. Look at all 6 years under Layer. Look at Layer’s career.

Liberty’s record has gotten worse each of the last 4 seasons. Seasons 3-6 of a coaches tenure are supposed to be when that coach is hitting his stride. 4 straight seasons with 18+ losses. 3 straight 20+ loss seasons. He’s lost in the first round of the Big South Tournament in 4 of his 5 seasons.

Dale Layer has been a Division I head coach for 13 seasons. He’s had a losing conference record in 10 of those seasons. In the 10 seasons from 2003-2012, Liberty had 1 season where they finished with a losing Big South Conference record. Since then, the Flames have had 3 straight losing conference seasons. This is Mel Hankinson bad.

“If it’s Christian, it should be better.” Liberty University deserves better. Our men’s basketball program deserves better. Regardless of what happens from here on out, a change needs to be made at the end of this season.

All Liberty. All Day.