In a brisk November game, Liberty University had been able to move the ball down the field, but struggled to score, compared to University of Louisiana finding their way into the endzone. The Ragin’ Cajuns outscored the Flames 42-14.

  • For the first time all season, Liberty chose to receive after winning the coin toss and wide receiver/kick returner D.J. Stubbs caught the ball and flipped it back to wide receiver Demario Douglas for a 42-yard return.
  • After the eye-popping kick return to start the game, Liberty’s offense was abysmal because of Louisiana’s defense. Leading to a fumble giving Louisiana the ball on their own 29-yard line.
  • Liberty’s defense came out to play forcing Louisiana to punt in a three and out situation. After Louisiana punted the ball, Liberty’s Douglas muffed the punt and allowed Louisiana to recover the ball and get a restart on their drive on Liberty’s 14-yard line. Despite their great field position, Liberty’s defense again forced them to a fourth down and Louisiana missed the 29-yard field goal attempt wide right.
  • Louisiana manages to catch life in their fourth drive of the game, converting two fourth down plays and getting the first points on the board through a four-yard touchdown pass by Louisiana quarterback Levi Lewis to receiver Jon Stevens.
  • Time and time again, Liberty’s offense has yet to have a spark to kickstart the Flames’ scoring. Louisiana was riding in a similar boat till their first touchdown and they lined themselves up for another touchdown. Louisiana quarterback Lewis completed a 32-yard pass and a couple plays later finished off the drive with a 15-yard passing touchdown to Kyren Lacy.
  • To add onto Liberty’s difficulties, the special teams group joins the chat with a fumbled punt by punter Max Morgan and special team specialist Dalen Cambre recovered the fumble with a 26-yard touchdown for Louisiana. As it pushed Louisiana’s lead to 21-0.
  • Liberty’s Malik Willis was having difficulties sparking this offense, so the Flames turned to wide receiver D.J. Stubbs for a 44-yard pass to running back Shedro Louis.
  • Willis then rode the high off Stubbs’ big play with a 29-yard passing touchdown to wide receiver Kevin Shaa, this got Liberty on the board for the first time this game. Louisiana lead 21-7.
  • The Flames’ offense was once again looking like a formidable team, until they got to Louisiana’s two-yard line. Liberty’s offensive line had back to back holding calls, then allowed Willis to sacked for a loss of nine yards and finished off with allowing another sack for a loss of 13 yards. In four straight plays, Liberty lost a total of 42 yards and found their way out of a scoring position to lessen Louisiana’s lead. At halftime, Louisiana still lead 21-7.
  • Louisiana’s offense only has 101 yards at halftime compared to Liberty’s 147 yards of total offense, but Louisiana has been favored in starting field position at the beginning of each drive.
  • After starting their drive on Louisiana’s 40-yard line, Liberty wasted no time on their third play of the drive Willis found Shaa in the endzone again for a 30-yard passing touchdown. This was Shaa’s second touchdown off the game. Louisiana lead 21-14.
  • The Ragin’ Cajuns had arguably their best offensive drive yet to respond back to Liberty’s second scoring drive. Louisiana drove the ball 74-yards on eight plays, finishing off with a rushing touchdown by Montrell Johnson for two yards.
  • On Liberty’s first play of the drive in response to Louisiana’s clinical drive, Willis’ first pass was deflected at the line and intercepted by Louisiana’ lineman Mason Narcisse. the Ragin’ Cajuns took over at Liberty’s 12-yard line.
  •  Liberty’s defense stood tall and forced a turnover on downs against Louisiana, Liberty took over at their own five, but running back T.J. Green exploded for a 43-yard rushing play.
  • The explosive play felt like all for nothing, because Willis threw an interception for his second one of the night. Louisiana takes over on their own 35-yard line.
  • The same feel of the game has stayed consistent with Louisiana charging down the field to score another touchdown off a 2-yard pass. Louisiana extended the lead 35-14.
  • Louisiana bull rushed their way down the field to cap off the drive with a two-yard rushing touchdown to secure the win. Liberty lost 42-14 to Louisiana.
  • In the final couple minutes of the game, Liberty backup quarterback Johnathan Bennett threw an interception for the sixth turnover of the night. This led to Louisiana letting the clock run out
  • Liberty had a season high of six turnovers in a single game this year against Louisiana.
  • This ends Liberty’s 15-game home win streak at Williams Stadium and first loss at home since 2019 against Syracuse.
  • This is Liberty’s second loss at home to a ranked team out of the two ranked teams they have played in Lynchburg, VA since becoming an FBS team.

Liberty will stay home for their last regular-season game of the year next week for a home game against Army, Nov. 27, at 12 p.m. kickoff.

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