We were pleased to sit down with Liberty Signee Tim Coutras. He signed with the Flames as part of the 2020 class but suffered a torn ACL and waited a year to join Liberty as part of the 2021 class.

What attracted you most to Liberty?

Tim Coutras: “I definitely have to say the coaching staff, the players around Liberty, the campus. The people around Liberty, it’s just one of those colleges that really stuck out to me, cause everyone just wants you to be successful.”

What are your thoughts of this year’s Liberty team?

TC: “I definitely have seen the strides that we have made with this year’s success and the year before that. I believe it’ll continue to grow in years to come. You can tell how good we are getting game by game.”

What do you want to accomplish while at Liberty?

TC: “First thing is getting a degree, get an education first. Hopefully learn more about myself physically and mentally. Football doesn’t last my whole life, so I have to know what I want to do after. Honestly I just say I want to have fun.”

As you are sign your official letter of intent, where does this rank of special moments in your life?

TC: “It’s up there. I say my whole future rides on this moment so it’s up there. I wouldn’t say it’s number one, but it’s top five.”

What was the main factor for you in recruitment?

TC: “Definitely how the coaching was family first. Talking to Coach Symons and Coach Austin, they were backing me up a lot. I had an ACL injury and they stuck with me through the whole journey.”

Will you be enrolling early?

TC: “I will be heading up January 15.”