One of the newest members of the Liberty football team, JUCO TE transfer Stetson Moore, took some time to talk with us about his decision to sign with Liberty on Wednesday.

What attracted you most to Liberty?

Stetson Moore: “The Coaching staff. I went to an Ole Miss game (During Hugh Freeze’s Tenure at Ole Miss) that was my first college football game ever and I was a big fan of them. I just kept going to games. When I saw Hugh Freeze beat Alabama, I was like dang! When I saw him go to Liberty, I wondered why can’t I just go to Liberty? It’s just like Ole Miss because of the coaching staff. I never visited there, and I signed three months before my season started.”

What are your thoughts of this year’s Liberty team?

SM: “Oh great year! I wish they would’ve gotten to play Coastal though, cause that was a game to watch. They were great, Malik with the offense. They use all their players tight ends, slots, outside receivers, running backs. Tight ends score every game. That’s one thing I like. It’s easy, they’re scoring every game, the receivers are scoring, the whole offense is really hard to stop. The defense making it hard. Their d-line is tough and number 11 (Durrell Johnson) is a dog. That man is a beast, he’s turning up.”

What do you want to accomplish while at Liberty?

SM: “First things first is graduate. Try to be a leader to just help the team. I want a ring. I know they won their bowl game last year and I want that. Really though I want to just win. I want to go to a winning school.”

As you sign your official letter of intent, where does this rank of special moments in your life?

SM: “It’s up there. It’s up there for sure.”

What was the main factor for you in recruitment?

SM: “I just wanted to be used. Every school I’ve been to, never really used me. I know I could score. At Prairie River, we only had like three routes. Which I understand cause the coaching staff just getting into their groove. Going to Liberty though they got all the plays like, corner, posts, 10-yards out, all this. That’s all I need. This is gonna be new to me that I never ran. In high school they were the same. Going there (Liberty) is gonna be nice. They got trick plays and all this. You gonna have to stop the quarterback from running. I never had a quarterback that can run, so that’s new.”

What are you most excited for?

SM: “To be far from home, and I like the colors (red and blue). I (also) get to see Hugh Freeze for like the fifth time seeing him. It’s really that coaching staff though. I can’t wait to get to campus. I’m gonna walk around campus all day.”