There are only two weeks left in the ASUN regular season before nine conference teams descend upon Jacksonville, Florida during the first week of March for the conference tournament. Let’s take a look at where things could be headed, based on our projections for how the final two weeks play out. Again, these are just projections for the fun of it.

1. BELLARMINE (13-3)

Remaining Schedule:
2/19, 2/20: @ North Florida
2/26, 2/27: vs Liberty

This weekend’s games will be critical in determining the regular season champ. If Bellarmine keeps pace with Liberty, either both going 2-0 or both going 1-1, the Knights will only need a series split the final weekend against the Flames. If, for example, Bellarmine goes 1-1 this weekend and Liberty gets a sweep, then the Knights must sweep the Flames in the final weekend. UNF can definitely pull an upset on their home floor, but we will give the edge to the Knights who have won 10 straight games. They then get a split against Liberty to win the regular season championship.

2. LIBERTY (11-3)

Remaining Schedule:
2/19, 2/20: vs North Alabama
2/26, 2/27: @ Bellarmine

34 straight home wins for Liberty. We expect that trend to continue this weekend against UNA. The Flames have now won six straight and 9 out of 10. In our scenario, the Flames will need a sweep at Bellarmine to win the regular season title due to only playing 14 conference games.

3. LIPSCOMB (10-6)

Remaining Schedule:
2/19, 2/20: vs Kennesaw State
2/26, 2/27: @ North Alabama

How did Lipscomb ever sweep Bellarmine on the road back in early January? Anyways, the Bisons have split every other series they have played this conference season. Expect Lipscomb to stop that trend and sweep KSU this weekend and then earn a split on the road at UNA.

4. FGCU (5-5)

Remaining Schedule:
2/26, 2/27: @ Jacksonville

The Eagles, due to COVID issues this season, will only play 10 conference games provided they can get their last two games in. A split at Jacksonville is certainly expected as they could slide firmly into the 4th spot.


Remaining Schedule:
2/19, 2/20: @ Liberty
2/26, 2/27: vs Lipscomb

We’re projecting the Lions to get swept at Liberty and split with Lipscomb, finishing the year at 7-9. UNA was 6-1 at one point before dropping the past 5 games. We expected this second half collapse to some degree as their first four opponents were Stetson, Kennesaw State, Jacksonville, and North Florida, allowing UNA to race out to a strong record.

T-5. STETSON (7-9)

Remaining Schedule:
2/19, 2/20: vs Jacksonville
2/26, 2/27: vs North Florida

Stetson should be able to get a split in each of their last two series on their home floor to improve to 7-9. The Hatters have the ability to make some noise in the conference tournament with their strong guard play and talented big man. If these standings are accurate, Stetson would win the tiebreaker for the 5th seed due to having a higher NET ranking.


2/19, 2/20: vs Bellarmine
2/26, 2/26: @ Stetson

Can UNF pull a home upset to stop Bellarmine’s win streak? The Flames hope so. We expect them to be swept and then rebound with a split at Stetson to finish at 6-8.


Remaining Schedule:
2/19, 2/20: @ Stetson
2/26, 2/27: vs FGCU

The Dolphins are a team that is difficult to get a read on. They could lose their last four games or pick up two or three wins. We predict a 2-2 finish, splitting both series.


Remaining Schedule:
2/19, 2/20: @ Lipscomb

The Owls are locked into the 9-seed.


1. Bellarmine
8. Jacksonville vs 9. KSU

5. Stetson

3. Lipscomb
6. North Alabama

2. Liberty
7. North Florida