chima coastalIn wrapping up my notes from the Coastal Carolina game, there are a few notable quotes which did not fit into any of our other post game coverage. So, rather than let them die, here they are:

Coach Gill when asked if the win over Coastal meant any less since the season was over: “We’re excited about ‘we beat Coastal.’ We won a football game. It’s very difficult to win football games. Any time you win a game you’re excited about it, you’re thrilled about it, you’re happy about it.”

Josh Woodrum on Darrin Peterson and his crucial catch on 4th down: “He’s the best receiver I’ve ever played with. Everyone knew who the ball was going to go to. I don’t know how they didn’t stop it.”

Woodrum on the team’s focus for the game: “I don’t ever remember our guys being this focused. Everyone was so ready to play. It’s the best game we’ve put together all year.”

crowdGill on the fans: “Our fans were fantastic. I want to say thank you fans. Outstanding. It was a great game day environment, great game day experience. Without your help there’s no doubt that we would not have been able to pull this game off. You hung in there. It was 4 quarters of fury.”