In 2001 the first PlayStation game I bought was NCAA Football 2002 with Chris Weinke’s 37 year old self on the cover. Why did I buy this game? I genuinely have no idea. There was zero reason for a kid from Jersey to take any interest in college football when my parents had no ties to any colleges (my dad does this bit about going to Monmouth but he means he went to Monmouth Park where they race the ponies). Yet for some reason, I went with it. It was my first experience with what I think is the most entertaining sport in the world.

Throughout the 2000s into the next decade, many of us looked forward to the NCAA edition way more than Madden. Road to Glory and Dynasty (I always started at SJSU. Won a natty with David Fales and became a fan for life) mode took up the back half of the summers. We created Liberty and downloaded roasters to try and lead the Flames to a National Championship. 

That was taken away from us in 2013 and for many years we assumed we would never get it back.

Luckily, with the introduction of NIL, we get the opportunity to relive those college football moments this July with the return of NCAA 2025. However, unlike the last edition, the Liberty University Football Team, Williams Stadium, and many other LU nuances will be in the game already without having to download some shotty patch from a website. 

This is undoubtedly the most anticipated sports video game of all time. 

Due to OPRA public schools have had the information they provided to EA (the creators) released to the public. Stadium rendering, jerseys, traditions, and other team-specific gameday pieces that make their school stick out will be included in the game. 

LU isn’t a public school so we have no way of knowing what exactly the Athletic Department provided to the game makers. 

That got me thinking. What do we want to see? When we fire it up in July what’s the thing we’re looking for? 

I posed this question on Twitter and got some great responses but here are some of the things I’m hopeful are included in the upcoming edition of NCAA 2025. 

Probably in the Game

Back and Forth LU Chant

I genuinely don’t know what I’m going to do first with the game. I think I’ll just do an exhibition game, Liberty against some poverty school at Williams Stadium under the lights. If they don’t have the back-forth L U chant I may just revert back to playing with SJSU (probably not).

There’s nothing like being a student and chanting U at the top of your lungs while knowing one day you’ll eventually be on the opposite side yelling L. Everyone remembers their first time and it’s one of my favorite LU traditions and it would be a slam dunk to put into the game.

The Joker Mask

The only reason I would do Road to Glory/Heisman mode on defense is to get an interception and watch me put the Joker mask on. An all-time moment was during the home opener when the Joker Mask made its debut and it spread like wildfire all over social media. It’s become a staple of Liberty Football both on the mountain and nationally. There’s an actual 105% chance the first interception I get I will scream ‘GET THE MASK”. Can’t wait.

Maybe in the game?

The Jokers

This is in no way shape or form me hoping that Caleb and his gang of misfit toys are in the game as themselves. I couldn’t fathom seeing his tweets highlighting him in the game. Every televised contest highlights the jokers and there’s no denying they’re part of the gameday experience. Show them after big plays for sure. Just make them look generic for the sake of all of everyone. 

Kaidon Salter Celebrations

Don’t want it, need it. I just can’t imagine my create a player having that much swagger.

Move Those Chains

Allegedly there are people out there that don’t like this chant? Fools! It’s an all-timer. The best part is in a video game everyone will be in sync doing it at the same time. This is another thing I’m going to do from the comfort of my living room. 

Also, I’m just finding out this isn’t just a Liberty thing? Other schools and pro teams do this? I still don’t care. Normally I would be critical of Liberty trying to steal traditions but I just love this one so much.

Probably not in the game

Post-Game Locker Room Celebrations 

In a perfect world, there would be 131 different post-game celebrations for anytime Liberty beats another team but I know that probably isn’t going to be the case. I like to imagine a game that has HCJC in the locker room doing the Strike the Stone.

Side Note: I hope the outfit they have planned for Coach is the red short-sleeved quarter zip and white visor. I just hope Mrs. Chadwell was the one to make the decision. 

Pre Game Prayer

The game isn’t going to do a full-on prayer but during the pre-game cut screen, I could see a world where they pan over someone praying. Who should it be? My shortlist for prayer person is Elmer Towns, Dennis Fields, Sam Stone, or Austin Marsh.

Definitely not in the game

These Two Idiots in the stands celebrating meaningless field goals