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Venzant and Peebles will be replacing Elijah Cuffee and Chris Parker, both guards. So, I really think it depends on how this season goes. If the Flames prove they can take care of business in the post with the likes of Blake Preston, Micaiah Abii, Shiloh Robinson, and Kyle Rode, they may not need another big. Ultimately, if a grad transfer big came available that McKay thought would impact his team and a scholarship was available, I believe he would go that direction. In fact, I believe that was the desired route this past offseason before Keegan McDowell came back into the fold.

As we’ve seen since March, the NCAA is letting individual conferences and teams make these decisions. As of right now, it looks like there will be some FCS conferences that attempt to play full seasons and some teams (JMU) that look to play a 2020 season despite its conference canceling fall sports.

Officially, there’s only one void on Liberty’s 2020 football schedule right now – North Carolina A&T. The three games against ACC teams could become voids, but they could all still be scheduled. And, yes, Liberty is trying to play a full 12-game 2020 season.

Liberty and JMU have likely had conversations about playing this season, and I would put the Dukes on the short list of teams most likely to fill any voids on the Flames’ 2020 schedule. But a home and home with an FCS team? That’s highly unlikely, but we do live in crazy times.

Liberty has more games scheduled this season against ACC and CUSA teams than any other league with the Flames scheduled to face 3 each from those conferences. Liberty also has one game each against MAC and Sun Belt teams. The Group of 5 conferences have been very quiet when it comes to planning on a 2020 season. I can only gather that they’re waiting until the last possible minute to make a decision while also waiting to see what the Power 5 conferences do.

If we have a 2020 football season, which I think we will, there will most certainly be restrictions on attendance. We don’t have any concrete plans from Liberty yet, but AD Ian McCaw has stated that they have modeled with a number of different scenarios including 50% of capacity. We can also look to other colleges and what plans they have announced. Just this week, Ohio State announced any home football games this season will be done at 20% capacity and face coverings will be mandatory for all fans. The Buckeyes will also be implementing physical distancing and tailgating will not be allowed. Also this week, North Carolina is canceling season tickets and moving to individual game tickets only for the 2020 to help reduce stadium capacity.

I wish I could count how many times we’ve answered this question. You can go back and read these two previous MAILBAGs (April 15, 2019 and May 15, 2019) from a year ago, not much has changed since then.

We get a lot of realignment questions, but I love this one with a bit of a spin on it. If we’re only talking about realistic ASUN expansion candidates and not dream scenarios, how about North Carolina A&T, UNC Wilmington, Winthrop.

All three bring in good markets or locations, something the ASUN is high on. Both UNCW and Winthrop have had successful basketball programs in the past and would strengthen the conference in its most important sport. North Carolina A&T has invested a lot into its athletic programs in recent years and has FBS aspirations.

DeArmon remains on staff at Liberty as an Offensive Quality Control coach. After a year as New Mexico’s offensive coordinator, Joe Dailey is now the wide receivers coach at Boston College. Stamn was an assistant offensive line coach for the Redskins in 2019 and he is now out of coaching. Mike Brown is currently in his 2nd season as wide receivers coach at Cincinnati. Bill Gillespie is also out of football, working as a strength coach at Sorinex Exercise Equipment.