As you are probably aware by now, Liberty University’s FBS aspirations were featured on “CNBC’s Sports Biz” program Thursday night. This was just one of 4 stories, and they spoke about Liberty for all of 2 minutes. But any publicity is good publicity, right?

In the opening, Liberty was previewed – “Liberty University wants to make sure the next time a Tim Tebow comes along he goes to their school. We go inside the numbers on how Liberty plans to be for Evangelicals, what Notre Dame is for Catholics.”

They stated Liberty “is on the cusp of joining FBS football.” Also highlighted that only 57% of FBS programs make a profit, but “that doesn’t really matter” to Liberty. The host also stated it is “doubtful Liberty will make money for a long time.”

They closed the Liberty portion of the show by stating, “Yeah, Notre Dame is a reach, but if BYU can do what they do, then so can Liberty.”

Jerry Jr and Jeff Barber were shown, but not really interviewed.