Liberty head coach Hugh Freeze may be in the offseason, but that doesn’t keep him from watching football and even making some predictions. While meeting with the media late last week, Freeze was asked who he had winning the big game on Super Bowl Sunday.

“Everyone, I assume, is saying that the Chiefs have the better team and probably favored, but there’s something about Tom Brady,” Freeze said. “Bruce Arians, to me, I wish I was more like him in ways. The guy just says what he’s thinking all the time. I believe I heard him say one time, ‘No risk it, no biscuit,’ or something like that. I kinda like that mentality he has. They were very impressive to me defensively in what they did at Green Bay. I’m going to go with the upset and say Brady wins another Super Bowl. He and Arians.”

That would be a slight upset as Tampa Bay is about a 3 point underdog despite being the first ever team to play on their home field in the Super Bowl. Most prognosticators have Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs repeating as Super Bowl champions.

Freeze will also be sure to watch the National Anthem sung before the game Sunday evening as one of his friends and country music stars, Eric Church, will be performing just ahead of kickoff.

“I did see that,” Freeze said about Church singing in a national stage. “He texted me, oh it’s been a couple weeks ago, and we are talking about getting together to play a round of golf some time this spring. I didn’t know he was singing it at the time, but I saw it (Wednesday) and I shot him a text. It usually takes him about three days to get back to me on a text. He’s not a hostage to his phone like most people are.”