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Let’s try and predict the future!

(I initially typed this up Saturday night because I’m a logical person and knew he was gone. Some names have been added since I initially wrote this but the sentiment remains the same)

Alright, folks I know the last 24 hours haven’t been ideal but there’s no reason to wallow over this breakup while listening to Taylor Swift for months like my ex did senior year. I believe that Hugh set the groundwork and expectations for the future and whoever comes in next will keep that trend going. I’ll always be grateful for what’s gone on over the last four years and if you had told me after the hospital bed game it would end with him going to Auburn I would be thrilled. 

But there’s no time to waste! I’m fairly confident we won’t be waiting long and the courting process will probably begin by the time you’re reading this. With the portal opening up soon I think it’ll be quick. Let’s break down a few names with the odds of them taking over the helm and hopefully leading us to a fifth straight bowl game.

In no particular order…

Jamey Chadwell +255

I might be a sicko but taking Coastal’s coach would be a win, and we haven’t had many of them in the last three weeks. He’s turned Coastal into a G5 darling in just four years where he is 39-21. His name is always floated around when P5 jobs open up. There was buzz for him to GT and now USF so it’s a name that get’s love from elsewhere. Is he my first choice? No. Probably second. But it’s a hire that would make sense. He doesn’t make much money at Coastal so I’m sure that would be an easy sell. The only issue is, does he see this as a lateral move? We’ll see what happens but he’s definitely one of the early favorites. 

Gary Patterson/Gene Chizik +560

I’m lumping the older coaches on this list together for betting purposes. I don’t hate the idea of either of these guys taking a pretty low-pressure job and ending their career on the mountain. Both are at a top 25 program right now but not as a head coach. Patterson had a ton of success and set the stage for TCU to become a CFP contender while Gene Chizik won a natty at Auburn because Urban Meyer kicked Cam out of school for stealing a laptop while felons ran around campus in gator gear. I digress. I don’t hate the idea of either. My only worry is Chizik is a DC for maybe one of the worst defenses I have ever seen and Patterson is like Dwight Schrute in Texas so who knows how ready either is. 

Ryan Tannehill +7500

Why not at least make the phone call? Not sure if anyone has ever said on a TV broadcast he played WR in college too! Offensive genius. We kill two birds with one stone. Hire a new coach and get Malik starting on Sundays.

Scott Frost +1500

The Road to Redemption runs through Lynchburg! (I stole that line from someone in one of the 13 group chats Chad added me to this year). The guy has a ton of success at the G5 level and I’m willing to overlook what happened in Nebraska. Let’s be real, I’m not confident that Vince Lombardi could win out there. It would be a similar situation when HCHF came here. Chip on his shoulder looking to get back to his winning ways. This was my initial pick.

Any of the Liberty burner accounts +12000

Could some random Twitter follower using a blurry picture of a random football player or a screenshot of an ESPN broadcast be the right choice? Probably not but I’m a leave-no-stone-unturned type of guy. 

Brandon Streeter +1275

This makes sense I guess. A former coach at Liberty, OC at a major school, coached Trevor Lawrence. The problem is I don’t think that the hire is a splash. Plus I never trust coordinators at a big school like that who potentially get shielded by great coaches. This is probably the safest hire but safe is for suckers.

Kane Wommack +440

I’m not going to pretend that I knew who this guy was a week ago. I don’t. Since yesterday I’ve listened to some interviews and read his wikipedia and I like what I’ve seen. To be honest the odds are inflated too because of the name. Kane? The first Kane I ever heard of was a killer in the field and the second killed the Undertaker with some flames.

Deion Sanders +1,000,000

I have never been more confident about something happening in my life. I don’t care how many people sign an online petition or how many people tweet it it’s not going to happen. It’s concerning that the same people who believe this could happen share the same undergraduate degree as me.

Field +600

Urban? Please no. Hugh Freeze after a UT Schiano-type incident? Maybe. Chad? Let’s hope not.