Liberty has had a football program that has been growing over the past few years. Because of that, here is the weekly update for some former Liberty players in the NFL currently.

Antonio Gandy-Golden

Week 4 Stats: no offensive stats, but played 12 snaps for the Washington Football Team in their game against the Baltimore Ravens.

Gandy-Golden is not having the hot start that many were hoping he could have. Being a fourth-round pick, comes expectations to succeed. AGG was not given the best circumstances with COVID-19 being one the biggest reasons any rookie struggles this year. He also had concussion issues over the course of training camp.

To tack on those problems and making the jump from a school like Liberty to the NFL has all the makings for a slow acclimation. Despite all of that, the Washington Football Team’s Wide Receivers Coach, Jim Hostler mentioned AGG’s potential.

“He has stride length and can play with the people around him, and he can play fast with bodies around him because he is strong. That is why we liked him when he was coming out,” Hostler said. “How he fits into our world? We like to throw the ball down the field. The bigger you are, the farther down the field you are, the more of a target you are to throw the ball to. Bigger players have had success in this system down the field. Big targets, you can throw the ball up and they can go get it.”

From the looks of it, the best is yet to come from Gandy-Golden.

Jessie Lemonier

Week 4 Stats: no defensive stats, but played 3 snaps on defense and 10 snaps on special teams for the Los Angeles Chargers against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Jessie Lemonier was called up to the active roster right before the week three game against the Carolina Panthers, but has managed to make good enough of an impression to stay on the active roster for week four. In his week three debut, he only participated on 12% of special teams snaps. During week four, he appeared in 31% of the Chargers’ special teams snaps. Lemonier’s chances on special teams seems to only be growing.

The undrafted rookie will take his opportunities where he can, to stay on the active roster.