Corner backs Jimmy Faulks and Isaiah Avery, safety Tim Kidd-Glass, wide receiver Noah Frith, and kicker Jason Stricker are not available today as Liberty takes on Western Kentucky on Saturday at 12 p.m. Additionally, wide receiver CJ Yarbrough is questionable, but he is going through warmups.

Reasons for the players’ absences was not immediately available. We knew previously Kidd-Glass and Avery were going to be out, while Frith was listed as questionable earlier in the week. This is the first time Faulks and Stricker have appeared on an injury report.

Faulks is Liberty’s starting corner and his absence will greatly affect the depth and experience at that position. Chris Megginson and Emanuel Dabney should be expected to start while true freshmen Deon Biggins and Quinton Reese will also play.

Alex Barbir was recently named Liberty’s starting kicker as Stricker was listed as his backup.

With Frith out, we could see JUCO transfer Jaivian Lofton slide into his starting spot at receiver.