Members of the football team aren’t the only ones who had a lackluster performance last week, as we saw our lowest scores of the season in our Bold Predictions Challenge. Check out the weekly scoreboard:

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 8.20.13 PM

Interestingly, every single person missed #2, predicting Chima to have more sacks than the entire Gardner-Webb team.

For those people missing a 3rd bold prediction on the scoreboard, it is because you used one of your picks to try and guess a Big South Player of the Week. Unfortunately no one was able to guess any of them correctly.

Here’s our overall leaderboard as FLAMEfromBAMA continues to hold on to that top spot for yet another week. He’s led every week to this point.
Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 8.35.22 PM

Put your picks for this week in the comments. Good luck!

macon11. Will Todd Macon score a touchdown?

A) Yes

B) No

He’s already got 4 on the year through 6 games, and with D.J. Abnar out, one must think that his role will increase.

2. What will be the outcomes of this week’s Big South match-ups?

A) G-Webb beats Kennesaw State, CSU beats Presbyterian

B) G-Webb beats Kennesaw State, Presbyterian beats CSU

C) Kennesaw State beats G-Webb, CSU beats Presbyterian

D) Kennesaw State beats G-Webb, Presbyterian beats CSU


3. Will Josh Woodrum throw an interception?

A) Yes

B) No

He only has 2 picks on the season, but Monmouth has an impressive 8 interceptions on the year. Which of these stats will be the one to give?


4. Who will record more sacks, Chima or Monmouth?

A) Chima

B) Monmouth

After everyone got this one wrong last week, I thought you should get another shot at it. Chima has 6.5 on the year while Monmouth has a total of 6.


Walt5. Which number will be higher this week?

A) Miles Austin receptions

B) Walt Aikens tackles

The Monmouth grad has only recorded 4 catches through 5 games for the Eagles this year. He’s only caught a pass in 2 separate games. Aikens has 9 tackles but only one per game over the last 2 games.


6. How many times will Trey Turner pin Monmouth inside their 20?

A) 0

B) 1

C) 2+

Turner has put opponents inside their own 20 five times on the year.


Bold Predictions (pick 3)

1. Woodrum will lead the Big South in passing yards this week.

He’s definitely the best quarterback in play this week, but he’ll be up against five other candidates.


johnson2. A tight end scores a TD for Liberty.

So far we haven’t utilized our tight ends in the red-zone at all. Will this be the week a tight end finally gets in the end zone?


3. Monmouth beat Liberty or lose by less than 8 points.


shells4. Dante Shells will lead the team in reception yardage.

The often overlooked Shells is averaging just over 50 yards a game, only 27 yards behind Liberty’s leader, Darrin Peterson.


5. Liberty will go for it on 4th down 3 or more times.

The Flames have been aggressive on 4th downs this year, going for it 12 times thus far.


6. The longest drive of the game will be 90+ yards.


7. Pick: Who will lead the team in all-purpose yards this week.

With Liberty’s all-purpose leader out for the year, this now seems like a toss-up.