1. The season is over.james jackson

No playoffs. No co-championship. We’re just playing out the string from here on out. Yuck.

2. Josh Woodrum is not the leader we thought he was.woodrum2

Calling out the team the way he did last week, and no one responded. The team played as flat as they did at Gardner-Webb.

3. We can’t run the ball.rice

And it makes us completely one-dimensional. This roster has FAR too much talent, to be unable to score against Monmouth.

4. The team is fractured.daley

I don’t know where it’s coming from or who’s to blame. The coach? The senior leaders?

5. All that talent, wasted.chima

Josh Woodrum, Darrin Peterson, Chima Uzowihe, John Lunsford, Des Rice, DJ Abnar, etc. And those are just the seniors.

6. Let Masha have a 4-game tryout.Masha

Why not? At least we would know if he deserves a shot next year.

7. Gill is feeling some pressure.gill1

Losses to Gardner-Webb and Monmouth in back to back weeks? Woof. Should he be on the hot seat? That’s slightly premature, in my mind. Lose again this season, and yes he should be.