The last time we’ve seen an official depth chart released from the coaching staff was just prior to the 2017 season finale at Charleston Southern, and we won’t likely see another one until game week against Old Dominion. With that in mind, here’s a look at what the current depth chart could look like as we move towards training camp.

1st string

QB Buckshot
RB Frankie Hickson
FB Michael Bollinger
TE Zac Foutz
WR(Z) Gandy-Golden
WR(H) Damian King
WR(X) B.J. Farrow
LT Julio Lozano
LG Ethan Crawford
C Tom Sargeant
RG Dontae Duff
RT James Passmore

2nd String

Mason Cunningham
Kentory Matthews
Mitchell Lewis
Fidel Ogbeifun
Kevin Shaa
D.J. Stubbs

Tristan Schultz
Damian Bounds
Sam Isaacson

3rd String

Landon Brown
Frank Boyd

Chris Barrett

There’s a lot of familiar names on the offensive depth chart, but also several opportunities for some newcomers to provide depth, particularly on the offensive line. Incoming true freshman Troy Henderson and JUCO transfer Peytton Pickett will both factor into the depth chart at running back. With Cephas Reddick’s eligibility expiring, there is suddenly some room for additional depth at wide receiver.

RE Juwan Wells
NG Devin Pearson
DT Mitchell Hurtado
DE Tolen Avery
MIKE Lucas Irons
WILL Brandon Tillmon
SPUR Ceneca Espinoza
CB Jeremy Peters
CB Jimmy Faulks
FS Rion Davis
SS Corbin Jackson

Jayod Sanders
Elisha Mitchell
Vincent Elefante
Jesse Lemonier
Kedrick Bradley
Solomon Ajayi

Malik Matthews
Kimani Donaldson
Benjamin Alexander
Elijah Benton

Logan Beadles
Emmanuel Cater
Austin Lewis
Remington Green
David King

Plenty of new names on the depth chart up front on defense as these names will likely maneuver throughout camp and possibly even into the season. That linebacker room is deep and experienced. Additional depth will need to be developed in the secondary.

K Alex Probert
P Aidan Alves
H Landon Brown
LS David King
PR D.J. Stubbs
KR Frankie Hickson

Jonah Williams
Alex Probert
Aidan Alves
Austin Mock
B.J. Farrow
D.J. Stubbs

The biggest question on the special teams unit is who will replace all-conference punter Trey Turner?