In just a few short weeks, Liberty’s football team will assemble on the Mountain to begin preseason training camp as the 2024 football schedule continues to inch closer. The Flames are scheduled to open the season on Aug. 31 against Campbell.

Just a few days ago, we posted a simple question on our social media channels, asking for your hot take on the 2024 Liberty football season. Here’s a recap of many of your responses:


“Liberty goes 13-0, winning the CUSA championship. Makes the CFP as 12 seed. Goes to 5 seed Penn St. Gets smoked.”

“Another dominant CUSA performance and ring. Potential look-off week loss. Playoff birth and potential for a 1st round upset.”

“I think Liberty is gonna make a DEEP run into the CFP”

Liberty Football will surpass the first round of the College Football Playoff in the 2024 season.”

“Liberty goes to the CFP as a 12 seed and wins their first playoff game.”

“Undefeated and grab the last spot in the playoffs.”

“We make the CFP”

“13-0 snubbed by CFP due to weak schedule.”

“Flames go undefeated again this season.”


“Liberty was 94th in the country in Sacks Per Game last year. They’ll be top 50 in the same department this year.”

“Liberty has 25 sacks last year which was just about 1.8 a game. I expect to increase the sack total by 10-12 sacks in 2024.”

“Our D will be in the top 30 overall”

“LU is in the Top 10 for points allowed per game.”


“Kaidon Salter wins Heisman Trophy”

“Salter throws for 2k+ and 16td rushes another 1.2k and 10 TDs. Is a Heisman finalist and we go undefeated and win first round of playoffs”

“Salter throws for 2,500 yards (30 tds)rushes for 1,500 yards (15 tds). 45 tds total. 4 ints. 1st round draft pick 2025.”


“Flames beat App State 42-21. Boone is left a pile of ash.”

“LU goes into Boone and beats App by 20”


“Liberty will have a competent kicking game.”

“Treon Sibley catches 10 TD’s and leads the team with 800-900 receiving yards.”

Since most takes are calling for an undefeated season, I’m gonna go a different direction. We drop a game we shouldn’t, & I think ECU or KSU are the most likely opponents, due to expectations of beating them & coming the week before highly anticipated games. So I think we overlook one of them, but that is our only loss of the season.”

“Caden Williams gets playing time as a true freshman scores td on first drive. Liberty goes undefeated and will be playoff bound”

“Salter will be a Heisman finalist due to his time in the “ARMED AND DANGEROUS FOOTBALL CAMP.” I see Salter leading the Flames to another successful season, yet not undefeated! LU losses to either WKU or a most likely loss to APP State! However, LU will still go to a very prestigious bowl against a power opponent (I think Auburn) and will win! I hope I’m wrong about the loss, but I still see Salter rushing for similar yards yet upping his pass yards by 700! So won’t hit the 4,000 mark but will reach far into the 3,000 pass yards range with many TD scores which should push him into the Heisman conversation!”

“Dubs. All dubs.”

“6 wins maybe”

“Not another back to back undefeated season. I think we’re an incredible team with a very high ceiling but I feel like the confidence can kill us.”