And just like that, July is upon us! The NBA season has come to a close, baseball nears the All-Star break, and, believe it or not, we are just two short months away from Liberty’s home opener!

To keep us preoccupied in the meantime, Flames Nation will be taking a look at some of the top plays that shaped the Liberty Football 2014 season.

Wide receiver Darrin Peterson was exciting to watch all season, but there was something special about the Charleston Southern game. Starting quarterback Josh Woodrum was out with a leg injury and the back-up, Stephon Masha, took the reigns. His impressive start was aided by some acrobatic antics from Peterson. Though he was covered well much of the night, that wouldn’t stop Peterson from racking up 123 receiving yards and 3 touchdowns. His performance that night begs us to feature it as our first top plays focus.

Peterson’s first touchdown of the game came at about four and a half minutes into the second half. Just a simple fade route where Masha throws the ball up and expects his receiver to make the play.


It’s clear to see Darrin manages to get little separation, but the defender doesn’t make a play on the ball. He just hopes his presence and a nice little shove will be enough to disrupt the pass. Peterson completes the perfect over-the-back catch that so many of us attempt during tailgates.


Out of his three touchdowns, this grab was my favorite of the night. Peterson just takes his route straight up and whether the throw was too short or Darrin went too far, the defender turned around and made a play on the ball. Before 14 realized he had intercepted the ball, Peterson pulls it out of his hands and in for the touchdown. Pete went from playing offense, to defense, then finished on offense.


14 had a rough night.

Darrin Peterson

This last touchdown serves as the centerpiece of Peterson’s night. The toss goes into the right corner of the north endzone again and the defender is glued to Darrin’s hip. With the toss being a little behind him, he turned around, extended his left arm and made one of his most impressive catches of the season.

Darrin Peterson

With 14 right there, Masha actually put the ball in a place where only Petey could grab it.

Darrin Peterson

The Flames went on to lose this game 38-36, though it did little damage as they beat Coastal Carolina the following week to earn their first ever FCS playoff berth.