I was super impressed with how many Liberty fans made the trip down to good ol’ Boca Raton last week. Everywhere we went we ran into Liberty fans and everywhere we went Chad asked them if they heard of ASOR (they all said yes nbd). Now if you are one of the fans who couldn’t make the trip I’m here to break it all down on what you missed! 

*Side Note* Could I have written this earlier in the week? Sure. But I think I’m finally fully recovered and my knees stopped hurting from being cramped in a spirit flight to and from Florida. *Side Note Over*

The Vibes are HIGH

I fully expected people to be moping around the various events and making excuses for why LU might lose the game but that wasn’t the case. Everyone was generally positive. Did the last few months kinda stink? Yes. But we’re entering a new era for Liberty Football in a few ways. New coach, new conference, new outlook. The loss stunk, don’t get me wrong, but everyone is excited about what’s coming in the future.

No One Knows the Lyrics of this Alleged Alma Mater the Band Keeps Playing at Events

There were multiple times (pep rally, pre-game tailgate, end of game) where the band slowed things down and played what is allegedly the school’s alma mater. I love watching CFB players, fans, and cheerleaders singing along at the end of a game. However when the band started playing it each time everyone just sat there watching the select few sing the song. All I could really make out was a time when everyone shouted LU toward the end. Tweet out the lyrics, make a lyrics video for YouTube, and just do ANYTHING before next year.

Oh and put the fight song on Spotify.

Oh and stop playing Neck before the good part. I promise I won’t say anything inappropriate like LSU fans. *wink*

If You’re Going to Gamble, Just Play Liberty Athletic Legends Numbers

I watched an unnamed person, who anyone reading this has heard of, sit down at a roulette wheel just hammering away on the inside. Typically people play key numbers in their life. Birthday, sports jersey growing up, address, anniversary. Not this massive Flames Fans. I watched them pick numbers strictly based on players.

2 for Darius, 3 for Demario, 11 for JB and AGG, 7 for Malik and Salter, 12 for Buckshot, 22 for Kyle Rode, and a few others. Every time I looked he was winning. I couldn’t knock the hustle. 

Not Scoring in the Red Zone Ruins Games

I can’t tell you what the stats are exactly but I feel like in the last few years getting into the red zone hasn’t been a guarantee of points. We saw it Tuesday night when Uncle Mo was ready to strike after the muffed punt. I strolled into the suite’s main level for a beverage and I looked up and we missed the field goal. Toledo (or ToleNO as Chad says) marched down the field and scored and took back all the momentum. I just looked and we were in the 100s for red zone offense. Not ideal!

The Boca Bowl Suite was a Spectacle

The third-floor suites featured some great amenities. Typical things. Buffet, bar, a lady in a champagne dress, guy on stilts, two ladies dancing on a ring 10 feet in the air, and a DJ. Typical stuff. As the rains poured fans went inside where it basically looked like a club. I asked if this would be the standard at Liberty games next year and the people in Athletics laughed at me. Worth a shot. 

A Few Holiday Picks

I ended the year 33-36 which isn’t that bad. I would have taken Liberty +3.5 in the bowl game which is a winner so I”m calling it 34-36. It’s not my fault we didn’t have a podcast before the game! If you count the Liberty ML/Arkansas parlay that would put in the black when it comes to profit but that’s okay. Next year we’ll get off to a better start and maybe we’ll be better 1-7 ATS as favorites but I digress. Onto the big bowl games!

FSU -9.5: 

UCLA -5.5

SC +2

Bama/KSU Over 56

Utah -2.5

See you on the bird (unless I get suspended again)!