woodrum2Liberty was losing 21-20 with 13:54 left in the game. The Flames’ drive was starting at their own 15 yard line. Here’s a look inside the 17 play, 85 yard, and 11 minute drive:

  1. Woodrum dropped back to pass, but was hit and fumbled on the play. The ball bounced towards the goal line where it looked like JMU would recover, but somehow Josh scooped the ball up and ran 13 yards back to the original line of scrimmage. What a way to start!
  2. Todd Macon rushed for 2 yards, setting up a 3rd and 8 at Liberty’s own 17.
  3. Woodrum dropped back to pass, but was able to scamper down the left sideline 16 yards to pick up a first down at the Liberty 33 yard line.
  4. After an illegal procedure penalty was called on Tanner Hartman, D.J. Abnar picks up the 5 yards the Flames lost on the penalty.
  5. On 2nd and 10, pass interference was called on Marquis Woodyard. It was a spot foul, and was just a 1 yard penalty, but it gave Liberty a 1st down at their own 34. On 1st down, Todd Macon rushed for an 8 yard gain to the 42 yard line.
  6. Another Todd Macon rush, this time for 6 yards to pick up a 1st down near midfield.
  7. The 3rd of 5 straight Macon carries goes for 4 yards crossing into JMU territory at the 48.
  8. Macon carries for 4 yards to the JMU 44.
  9. On 3rd and 2, Macon rushed for 2 yards, picking up the 1st down after a measurement.
  10. D.J. Abnar picks up 3 yards to the JMU 39 on 1st down.
  11. Option left, Woodrum pitched it to Abnar, who was unable to cleanly field the pitch. D.J. was able to pick the ball up, but was tackled for a 4 yard loss.
  12. 3rd and 11 from the JMU 43 yard line. Woodrum connected with Dexter Herman over the middle. The play went for 26 yards and moved the Flames into the red zone.
  13. D.J. Abnar picks up 6 yards on a carry to the 11 yard line.
  14. Todd Macon carries the ball for 1 yard.
  15. Illegal procedure was called on Todd Macon, putting the Flames in a 3rd and 8 call from the 15 yard line. Josh would find Darrin Peterson for 12 yards to pick up the first down at the 3 yard line.
  16. Todd Macon rushed for 2 yards to the 1 yard line. Macon’s 8th carry of the drive.
  17. Nicky Fualaau picks up what would be the eventual game-winning touchdown on a 1 yard fullback dive.

The drive ended with 2:53 on the clock and the Flames leading 26-21. It’s a drive that will go down in the Liberty record books.