Liberty came into Ole Miss as a homecoming for Head Coach Hugh Freeze, but Ole Miss didn’t give in and found ways to win offensively over Liberty 27-14.

  • In just the second play of the game Ole Miss’ running back Jerrion Ealy found a hole in the line and broke free down the left side of the line for a 70-yard touchdown run to give Ole Miss the lead early on 7-0.
  • After a failed first drive for Liberty, they couldn’t find a way to score points in Ole Miss’ redzone after a failed 38-yard field goal.
  • As soon as Ole Miss got the ball back, they showed that they came out to play. Ole Miss’ quarterback Matt Corral found his wide receiver Dannis Jackson for a 50-yard reception.
  • Liberty’s defense stopped a bustling Ole Miss offense to force them to settle for a 43-yard field goal to extend Ole Miss’ lead 10-0.
  • After getting another chance to get acclimated in the game, Liberty’s offense couldn’t get it quite started and had a quick three and out.
  • The Rebels then took the ball over on their own 42-yard-line, Corral made two passes totalling 54-yards and Ealy finished the job with a 4-yard run to continue the Rebel’s dominance over the Flames 17-0.
  • Partway through the second quarter Liberty seemingly had found some steam, but Liberty’s quarterback Malik Willis wound up throwing an interception on a pass intended for Noah Frith.
  • Ole Miss took over on Liberty’s 49-yard line and drove into Liberty’s redzone, but got stopped by Liberty’s defense and Flames freshman linebacker Ahmad Walker forced a turnover on downs.
  • The Flames got the ball back at their own 16-yard line and drove down to Ole Miss’ 25-yard-line just for Willis to commit his second interception of the game. Ole Miss’ defensive back AJ Finley made the interception and had a 19-yard return to Ole Miss’ 30-yard-line.
  • After making a flurry of first down runs, Corral opened the passing game on the drive with a 40-yard passing touchdown to Jackson. Ole Miss lead 24-0.
  • In the first half alone, Willis has been hounded by Ole Miss’ defense after being sacked seven times.
  • Liberty knew they had to change things up in the second half and found their way the endzone with a 75-yard drive ending in a 28-yard touchdown run from running back Shedro Louis to tighten the gap. Ole Miss lead 24-7.
  • Corral took over at the helm on their own 25-yard line and drove down to Liberty’s redzone, but was stalled and the Rebels settled for a 38-yard field goal. Ole Miss lead 27-7.
  • The Flames ignited their offense towards another score on a 73-yard drive which ended in a 1-yard touchdown run by Willis for his first touchdown of the day. Liberty made a dent into Ole Miss’ lead in the third quarter 27-14.
  • The following drive, Ole Miss drove down, but was stopped by Liberty’s defense and had a 41-yard field goal attempt, but was wide right. Liberty took over at their own 24-yard line down by two scores and nearly a full fourth quarter remaining.
  • Despite a scoreless drive, Liberty got the ball back quickly after forcing Ole Miss to punt and Liberty started their drive at their own 18-yard line.
  • In a crucial drive, Liberty started to lose the spark they found in the second half and resorted back to their first half ways. Ole Miss stopped them forcing them to put. Ole Miss took over at their own 25-yard line and looks to wind down the clock for a Rebels victory.
  • With three minutes remaining in the game, Liberty needs a miracle to happen down by two scores.
  • After the sliver of hope gleams through as Liberty charges down the field, Ole Miss defensive back Finely snagged his second interception of the day to finish the game and secure a win for Ole Miss.
  • This is Liberty’s third loss on the year.

Liberty will have an off week next week, but will return to action in a home game against Louisiana Lafayette Nov. 20.

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