Just a few quick hit notes from the weekly coach’s call-in show if you were unable to listen to it. Head men’s basketball coach Dale Layer, and head women’s basketball coach Carey Green joined Turner Gill on the call.

Dale Layer:

  • “(We) are tired of playing against each other.”
  • “If we stay healthy we’ll be deeper” than last year.
  • “I like this team, I like these guys.”
  • On Davon Marshall – “He had a really good fall, but he’s not Jesse. He is more like a prototypical PG (than Jesse).”
  • “I think we’re going to be a really good team.”

Carey Green:

  • When asked to describe this year’s team – “Balance, balance, balance”
  • “I’m falling in love with this team.”
  • “Our goal is to advance in (the NCAA) tourney, we will be dissatisfied if we don’t.”

Turner Gill:

  • Easiest way to determine who will win Saturday’s game? “Who’s getting knocked back, that’s who’s being the most physical team.”
  • “We need 2 or 3 people around the ball tackling.”
  • “We have a great gameplan.”
  • Defensive secondary “needs to play great man to man coverage.”
  • On Stony Brook’s defense – “they don’t blitz a lot and our similar to our defense.”
  • “Our guys are excited.”
  • “We must win the turnover margin.” Stated we need to force 2+ turnovers and give up 0.