A few quick hit thoughts following the Flames loss to Gardner-Webb to open conference play:

  • Wow. I’m almost speechless.
  • The 34 points were the most GWU has scored all season. They had one of the worst offenses in the country entering the game, and they scored at will in the first half against LU.
  • This has become a trend now. Get a big win, follow it up with a no show the next game. First, it happened with Montana/Southern Illinois and now with Georgia State/Gardner-Webb. That’s on the coaches and senior leadership.
  • I’m starting to think 2014 Lunsford was a fluke. Sure, he’s awesome from 50+, but he is way too inconsistent inside 40.
  • As bad as the defense was in the first half, they gave the offense several opportunities to tie the game, but the offense kept stalling. Lunsford missed Petey on one play, and later Petey dropped a would be tying touchdown.
  • I don’t understand the gimmicky RB pass late in the game. That’s just a bad call.
  • DJ Abnar hurt his lower left leg pretty bad in the first half and he was on crutches in the 2nd half. Hopefully the senior RB will be able to return before the season is over.
  • Forgot about an at-large, it’s not happening now, and 2 losses won’t win the Big South. The Flames must win out to get the auto bid.