We got the opportunity to sit down with Incarnate Word transfer Jaylon Jimmerson. As Jimmerson joins Liberty, he currently has three years of eligibility remaining.

What attracted you most to Liberty?

Jaylon Jimmerson: “Mainly the campus attracted me, the people, then the university mainly. It’s a home away from home for me.”

What are your thoughts of this year’s Liberty team?

JJ: “That team is special. For me to get the chance to join a team like that, I’m just blessed to be on the team. They have studs at quarterback and on defense. I can see myself as young for them and still learning.”

What do you want to accomplish while at Liberty?

JJ: “Personally, I want to be a better human, grow with Christ and build relationships mainly. Get my education most importantly and be the first generation from my family to graduate.”

As you sign with Liberty, where does this rank of special moments in your life?

JJ: “It’s definitely the top. I had a lot of people that doubted me, but I just kept my faith in God. Definitely a big moment for me.”

What was the main factor for you in recruitment?

JJ: “I go where I am wanted and needed. The main thing for me is relationships and how I bond with the coaches. I feel Liberty did the best job with building relationships with me and they trusted me, so I trusted them.”

Will you be enrolling early?

JJ: “I’ll be there January.”