The quarterback battle has been one of the big stories we’ve been watching through camp. Every chance they’ve been given to address it, Coach Freeze and quarterbacks coach Kent Austin have been very clear that Buckshot is their #1 quarterback.


12 Buckshot Calvert SR 6’2″ 180

It’s not usual that a rising senior quarterback that has started every game since early in his true freshman season would feel threatened to lose his job, but that’s exactly where Buckshot has been since Coach Freeze took over. First, it was true freshman Johnathan Bennett that pushed him during the spring. Then, the Flames added Auburn transfer Malik Willis this summer and he’s applying for a medical redshirt. It seems as though Buck has responded to the challenge and has had a very good camp, throwing only interception through the first 7 practices, which has been the biggest focus with him during the offseason.

Quarterbacks Coach Kent Austin – He’s got a lot of experience, for good reason. He’s a good player. It’s our job to continue to push him to make sure that he reaches whatever level he can reach in our offense for this year, to make sure that he accomplishes that for our football team.”


6 Johnathan Bennett FR 6’1″ 170

Bennett joined the program for the spring and quickly ascended to 2nd string behind Buckshot. If Willis’ waiver gets denied, it will be interesting to see how Bennett is utilized this season. Will the Flames be looking to save his year of eligibility and redshirt him? Will there be a package for Bennett each game?

Quarterbacks Coach Kent Austin – “Johnathan is doing a good job. He’s a student of the game. He wants to be good like others in the room. The number one thing that we harp on is being a great decision maker and not turning the ball over to put our offense in a great position to score and that’s done through decision making. We’re still working on some fundamental things with the entire group so the accuracy is still improving.”

7 Malik Willis JR 6’1″ 195

Malik Willis

Will he be eligible or won’t he? We’re all waiting on the NCAA to make a ruling. Until then, Willis is working on learning the offense and being prepared whichever way it goes. He’s certainly got all the tools to be a successful QB at Liberty.

Quarterbacks Coach Kent Austin – “Great athlete, he’s very skilled. God gave him a lot of tools to work with. Great thing about Malik is he really wants to be a student of the game. He wants to have a full understanding of the game and not just rely on his athleticism to be able to run a full compliment of our offense and not be cubby-holed in any one thing.”


4 Brandon Robinson R-FR 6’4″ 215

Quarterbacks Coach Kent Austin – “Redshirt-freshman, young quarterback. Big, really big, strong quarterback. Has really improved fundamentally from spring ’til now.”

8 Landon Brown R-SO 6’1″ 210

Quarterbacks Coach Kent Austin – “Landon is very knowledgeable. He’s a little older, more mature, brings a calmness to the room and onto the field. Very, very trustworthy.”

14 Henry Van Dellen R-JR 6’3″ 190

Quarterbacks Coach Kent Austin – “Walk-on, another big, strong quarterback with a big arm. Really can make all the throws. Similar to Buck in that he’s got the arm strength to really make all the throws and all the field is open to him.”

10 Will Bowers FR 6’1″ 195

Quarterbacks Coach Kent Austin – “Walk-on quarterback who is really, really smart. Really smart, accurate, very studious, cares.”