One of the more interesting things to come across the Twittersphere today came from Lynchburg News & Advance Liberty beat writer Damien Sordelett.  As has been widely reported, Brent Thibodeaux (@brentthibodeaux) of the Bobcat Report tweeted yesterday that Liberty was indeed no longer under consideration for membership by the Sun Belt. 

News & Advance Beat Writer Damien Sordelett

However, according to Damien, that may not be the case.  While not naming sources, Sordelett made it clear he has information that refutes what Thibodeaux reported yesterday.

@spironnotw I’ve been told that those “sources” were a little premature.
— Damien Sordelett (@DSordelettLNA) April 17, 2013

@spironnotw I should probably say sources were “wrong” instead of “premature.” Premature would mean they could be right.
— Damien Sordelett (@DSordelettLNA) April 17, 2013

@spironnotw Yeah, we’re talking about the same thing. I have something to repute report, but can’t publicly say what it is.
— Damien Sordelett (@DSordelettLNA) April 17, 2013

This is definitely interesting, and eye opening.  In the continuing saga of Sun Belt expansion, if you don’t like the news today, wait until tomorrow.